K. Margaret Carter Centre

The K. Margaret Carter Centre is a government-managed center that provides support and training for adults with learning and physical disabilities through six programme areas that include:

  • An adult day centre programme
  • Employment training,
  • Functional skills training,
  • Production work
  • Treatment/support services
  • Wellness programme

Our clients range in age from 18 to over 50.  Their cognitive challenges range from mild to moderate and result in learning disabilities secondary to Downs Syndrome, Autism, or other congenital disorders.


We are a fully equipped, wheelchair accessible training center located in the residential area of Robert’s Avenue and Palmetto Road, Devonshire. 


Adult day centre programme

This programme provides social, recreational and community awareness activities to meet the needs of our older, learning and physically disabled clients who are no longer apt to benefit from intense training in vocational and functional skills.

Activities in the day programme include:

  • Arts and Crafts,
  • Gardening
  • Music Therapy

Employment training programme

The employment programme encourages clients with mild disabilities to unlock their potential and assist them in becoming less dependent, more self-directed and socially active participants in their community by acquiring work and/or volunteer skills to retain full- time or part-time employment.

Functional skills programme

The Functional skills programme addresses life skills that persons use every day, in different environments. The Functional Independence Skills Handbook, or FISH, is a screening method used for determining a person's ability to perform certain functional activities. The outcome of the programme is a direct increase in personal independence in those with autism, intellectual disabilities, and related disorders.

Production centre programme

In the production centre program, persons with disabilities perform a variety of tasks and acquire on-the-job training that enhances workplace skills. Clients are trained in specific job skills, workplace etiquette and other disciplines. This program provides on-site job training and employment for persons with disabilities.

Some examples of the training include:

  • Creating and selling: jewelry, Christmas decorations, candles and baked goods
  • In-house contract work e.g. Bermuda Paint (labeling paint cans), Child Development Care packages, Towel washing program, Football Jersey Washing Programme

Treatment/support services

Clients benefit from occupational therapy services as needed.

Wellness programme

It is the mission of the Wellness Program to encourage clients to develop healthier lifestyle choices to lower health risk factors, improve well-being and maintain a productive, active work environment.

As such, the programme offers the clients opportunities to participate in:

  • Bowling, Golf, Exercise Programs and Nutritional discussions

Programme Admission

Clients are admitted through referral from other government facilities, schools and the general public. 

All clients are assessed, using the Functional Inventory Skills Handbook (F.I.S.H) or the Becker Work Adjustment Profile to gather baseline information for individual programme development. 

Please feel free to call at any time to make an appointment to visit with us.  All community support is welcomed.

How to Contact:

K. Margaret Carter Centre

21 Robert’s Avenue, Devonshire DV01

Phone: (441) 292-2591

Fax:     (441) 292-9399

Email:  kmcc@gov.bm