Public Access to Information (PATI)

Public Access to Information (PATI) lets you ask a public authority for records to help you understand the work that goes on in the public authority and how it makes decisions. This makes the entire government more accountable and also removes unnecessary secrecy.

A public authority receives all or most of its operating funds from the Government.

If you are Bermudian, or a resident of Bermuda, you can make a request for information under PATI. You will need to provide proof when you make a request. Each public authority has to publish an Information Statement explaining where it is located, the services it provides, the types of records it keeps, the legislation under which it operates and how its staff is organized. The Information Statement also gives the name of the information officer who is the person responsible for acting on your request.

You can review the PATI Information Statements listed below to make sure that you submit your request to the right public authority. Not all records can be released. Records that cannot be released are known as exempted records. They may contain personal information about an individual, or deal with confidential matters such as national security, commercial information or ministerial responsibility.  Review a list of PATI service fees to find out if there is a charge for your requested information.