Breastfeeding Friendly Designation Campaign

The Bermuda National Breastfeeding Committee is proud to introduce the Breastfeeding Friendly Designation Campaign, an initiative designed to recognize and celebrate businesses that are committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies. By participating in this campaign, businesses can contribute to a more inclusive and welcoming community, promoting the health and well-being of families across Bermuda.

Why Participate?

Breastfeeding provides unparalleled health benefits for both infants and mothers, fostering a strong bond while reducing the risk of various health conditions. Despite its advantages, breastfeeding rates often fall short due to a lack of societal support and understanding. By creating environments that are conducive to breastfeeding, businesses can play a pivotal role in supporting this essential practice.

Key Benefits of Being Breastfeeding Friendly

  • Healthier Babies: Breastfeeding offers ideal nutrition, protecting infants from infections, allergies, and chronic diseases.
  • Healthier Mothers: Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and postpartum depression.
  • Cost Savings: Breastfeeding is cost-effective, saving families and healthcare systems on healthcare costs.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Breastfeeding is eco-friendly, reducing the need for packaging, transportation, and waste disposal.
  • Community Well-Being: Supporting breastfeeding fosters social connections and creates empowered, breastfeeding-friendly communities.

Program Participation

To participate in the Breastfeeding Friendly Designation Campaign, businesses must adhere to specific criteria that ensure a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers. By meeting these criteria, businesses will receive a special designation, including a sticker for their front window and inclusion in our list of breastfeeding-friendly establishments.