Receiving payments from the government

If you provide products or perform services for the Government of Bermuda, you must submit your invoice or request for payment to the applicable department.  

After submission, the department will transfer all notices to the Accountant General office, which is responsible for processing the payment.  

Cheque payments are made monthly, on the third Thursday of each month.  

The department to whom you submit your invoice will determine the payment terms and time frame for receipt of payment. However, once the payment has been approved and posted correctly by the department, the payment will be processed within 48 hours.   

Methods of Payment 

Payments can be made by cheque, wire and electronic transfer.  

For electronic payments, please include banking instructions on your invoice including: 

  • email address; 

  • routing number; 

  • bank account number; and  

  • name to which you wish funds to be credited.  

An email address must be provided so that you can receive a notification that the payment has been sent to your account. The notification will include all the information that would have appeared on the cheque stub (i.e. invoice number, department, etc.).   

If a reimbursement cheque is issued, it includes a payment advice, which provides the detail of what the reimbursement is for.  

Payment Currency Options 

Cheque payments can be made in the following currencies:  

  • Bermuda Dollars (BMD); 

  • Canadian Dollars (CAD); 

  • Great British Pounds (GBP); or 

  • United States Dollars (USD). 

If you are receiving electronic payments, the following currencies are also available:  

  • Australian Dollars 

  • Swiss Francs 

  • Danish Krones 

  • European Euros 

  • Hong Kong Dollars 

  • Indian Rupees 

  • Norwegian krones 

  • New Zealand Dollars 

  • Polish Zlotys 

  • Russian rubles 

Lost cheques or incorrect payments 

You should contact the originating department to let them know if you have lost or misplaced a cheque. The department will find out if the cheque has been cashed and issue a stop payment on the cheque if required. A replacement cheque will then be issued and your mailing address should be confirmed.  

If the amount on a received cheque or an electronic transfer appears to be incorrect, please contact the department that initially engaged your services. 

Overseas Vendors 

All foreign payments should be made through an electronic payment. The government no longer has the facilities to send foreign cheques outside the United States. Bank details must be obtained from foreign vendors prior to processing a payment.  

It will typically take up to 72 hours from the time an ACH/Wire payment has been submitted for the overseas vendor to receive the cleared funds in their bank account. Cheques can take up to seven business days from the time of posting. 

Late Payments 

Do you currently have an outstanding invoice with the Government of Bermuda? If you are not a GEHI service provider, and have an invoice 30 days overdue or more and have not been able to resolve the issue directly with the department, please complete the Outstanding Invoice Questionnaire.