Rules for Visiting Inmates

Before you can visit a correctional facility, the inmate whom you plan to see has to request a pass for you.

You must also make sure you are familiar with the rules which apply when you visit an inmate.

If you receive a pass, you must:

  • arrive at the facility fifteen minutes prior before the agreed-upon time of the visit;
  • be properly dressed;
  • bring photo identification;
  • refrain from bringing cellular phones and bags (they are not allowed and you can be subjected to a search);
  • make sure you are not under the influence of any drug or of alcohol (if you are, you will not be allowed into the facility)

Once you have been approved to enter, you will be escorted by an officer and must obey his/her instructions at all times.

During your visit, be mindful that you are not allowed to give money, letters or any other items to an inmate, and that if you do, the Bermuda Police Service will be called.

The Department of Corrections reserves the right to stop a visit at any time